About the Project

After the first round of CAPS (new South African curriculum) was introduced, the school realised that the costs associated with printed books are exuberant. As a public school, books are provided to the learners free of charge with the notion that books should be returned after the year of use and re-used for the following year over a period of 3 to 5 years. This alone posed certain challenges books are more often than not, either not returned or returned, but in a poor condition. As such, the school management team embarked on a search for a solution to this, soon realising that e-books might pose a solution. This addressed as the second need for the school, namely the need for a blended approach to teaching and learning – an approach where traditional methods of teaching are still valid, but they are integrated with technology.

Another serious concern for Allen Glen High was the cost associated with the printing of notes, additional material required by learners and assignment instructions. They believed that this should also be addressed by the technology offering deployed.

In 2014, Allen Glen High School deployed the ITSI Platform along with e-books for all students from grade 8 to 12, addressing their concerns and needs.

Allen Glen High School is situated in Allens Nek, Roodepoort and currently has 1184 learners. Working with ITSI they are using blended learning to ensure that all learners take advantage of 21st-century learning and are equipped to succeed in the modern economy.