About the Project

The constant delay in receiving textbooks forced the school to investigate other options – including the implementation of an e-learning solution. The parents at this affluent school supported the move to 21st-century teaching and learning.

The school needed a solution that catered to parallel medium instruction equally well, a platform that was easy to use, and still allowed for parents to purchase textbooks at reasonable costs. The school management and board of directors were involved in the decision-making process.

Midstream College visited various schools implementing e-learning, including those making use of the ITSI Solutions. They have since introduced Google Apps for Education and use a combination of the solutions in an integrated approach.

Midstream College is an independent school catering for grade 8 to 12 learners, situated in Centurion, Gauteng. The college currently has 915 learners and around 67 teachers. Midstream College became a ITSI 21st-century e-learning partner in 2016.