About the Project

Westering High became aware of schools elsewhere in the country introducing tablets. The principal also acknowledged the staff’s enthusiasm for the use of technology in the classroom. They found it a natural step to take.

They followed a six-month implementation process before introducing a complete e-learning solution to the learners. They also took a phased approach, first introducing tablets to grades 8 and 9, adding grade 10 in 2017 and grade 11 in 2018.

Teachers use the ITSI solution to share resources seamlessly and to make learning more interactive and engaging. The analytics provided Westering High’s teachers with a unique view on learner’s progress, being able to identify when learners are struggling with their work has proven invaluable.

Learners say that they prefer using miEbooks as they don’t need to carry around heavy suitcases all day, they don’t lose any of their notes and they really enjoy using multiple colours when highlighting important areas, adding notes and sketches and generating their own summaries.

Westering High School is a public high school in Port Elizabeth catering for English-speaking students from grade 8 to 12. They have an enrollment of 957 students and 57 teachers. Westering became and ITSI 21st-century e-learning partner in 2016.