ITSI to host first seminar in Africa on Mind-Brain-Education and Technology

Internationally acclaimed authors and facilitators to conduct hands-on workshop with teachers and lecturers

ITSI, the pioneering e-learning provider which enhances and simplifies the teaching and learning experience for both students and educators, will be hosting the first ever seminar in Africa on Mind-Brain-Education.

The two-day seminar, taking place 23 – 24 May 2018 at Emperor’s Palace in Johannesburg, will be in the form of a hands-on workshop facilitated by the internationally acclaimed co-authors of “Neuroteach: Brain science and the future of education, Glenn Whitman and Dr. Ian Kelleher, who commented, “Most teachers lack an understanding of how the brain receives, filters, consolidates, and applies learning for both the short and long term. The book was written to help solve the problem teachers and school leaders have in knowing how to bring the growing body of educational neuroscience research into the design of their schools, classrooms, and work with each individual student.”

The seminar will be targeted at teachers and lecturers from primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions, and will focus on how educators are brain changers. It will explore how an understanding of the brain – the organ of learning – would be critical to a teacher’s readiness to work with students.

Dr Lieb Liebenberg, ITSI’s CEO, commented, “Technology, and specifically access to information – therefore connectivity – is vitally important in the understanding of today’s learner’s – whether at a primary, secondary or tertiary school level. The role it plays as a tool to be effectively used is pivotal to the success of the 21st-century classroom.”

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