Content Distribution

 ITSI provides a secure and efficient distribution channel for publishers to reach new customers globally. We specialise in the distribution of educational, academic and trade e-books, as well as other digital content.

We currently work with over 9 500 publishers who value our easy-to-use solution, because of its unrivaled security. In addition, our dedicated Publisher team is always on hand to provide support to Publishers.

Features and Benefits

Multiple e-book formats

ITSI Admin, our publisher platform, supports PDF, reflowable EPUB2 and reflowable EPUB3 e-book formats.


Any content distributed to ITSI is automatically encrypted with 128-bit AES encryption upon uploading. Open files are not kept on the platform thereafter.

No charge to upload content

Upload as much content as needed to the ITSI platform as uploading content is free. The ITSI Distribution Fee only comes into effect when content is actually sold.

No annual

There are no membership or hosting fees required.

Direct publisher control

Through ITSI Admin, our publisher platform, publishers have direct access to their own content. There is no need to wait for ITSI to change metadata or manage titles on a publisher’s behalf, although we will gladly assist.

Control content for sale

By logging into our publisher platform, publishers can and add or remove content from sale in real-time.

Instantly update metadata

Publishers have complete control of their metadata, and any changes applied takes effect immediately.

Free miEbooks

The ITSI e-reader is freely available to anyone who purchases content through ITSI. No other e-readers are required. Available on Windows, iOS, Android, Chromebook and Mac.

Services Offered


Dedicated publisher support team

ITSI is available to assist publishers with general queries, as well as technical ITSI Admin support, e-book uploads, metadata changes, sales reports, marketing opportunities, and events.


Online retail store available to clients, internationally

Content uploaded to ITSI Admin, our publisher platform, can also be made available for purchase on our online retail store,  which is accessible to readers globally.


System training offered to publishers on the ITSI platform

Should publishers prefer more in- depth training on how to use our publisher platform, either tutorial videos can be consulted or in-person and telecom training can be arranged.


E-book development consultation

If a publisher has little to no experience with producing and distributing e-books, ITSI can offer guidance and assistance on e-book requirements and development.


E-learning advice/information offered

As an ed-tech company specialising in e-learning, ITSI can provide publishers with additional e-learning information or advice, to help improve publishers’ understanding of and relevance to the e-learning market.


Marketing opportunities

ITSI can provide publishers with access to our external and internal marketing channels, including social media posts and campaigns, and banner ads and newsletters.

custom store

Custom Online Store

ITSI offers a white label version of our retail store for those publishers who want to distribute their content in their own online retail store. ITSI manages all administration and maintenance of these custom stores.


Publisher information sessions

ITSI hosts yearly contact sessions where we share information on updates and changes regarding our platform with our publisher partners.


Dedicated helpdesk support for readers/content buyers

Students, educators and individuals who purchase content through ITSI have access to our dedicated helpdesk team, to assist them with a range of queries, which helps improve readers’ user experience with ITSI and digital content as a whole.

A word from our clients

“Wonderful customer service, Nadia. You set the standard! I also had some time to explore the ITSI platform and now even more impressed. I’ve been publishing eBooks since 2012 and by far ITSI’s is the best and easiest to use.”

– Eptsoft

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation for the service offered by Ms Shishavele to Study Toolbox. Her friendly, helpful support guided us through an intimidating process for first timers uploading ePubs! This level of service is a rare find nowadays. Thank you so much; I know that this is part of a team effort.

– Heleen Viljoen-Brand, Study Toolbox

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