ITSI Offering

ITSI E-reader

ITSI’s free e-reader app, miEbooks, is used daily by more than 100,000 students across the world. It gives students access to more than 300,000 educational, trade, and free e-books from more than 9,000 publishers on the ITSI Store… and that’s just part of it.

This interactive, learning tool also allows students to:

  • Create notes and freehand drawings
  • Highlight important text
  • Generate summaries
  • Create your own folders and upload content
  • Create flashcards for interactive studying

Once you’ve downloaded this Android, iOS, Windows, and Chromebook-friendly tool, the content is backed up and available offline, ensuring data efficiency and security. This makes studying on a variety of platforms easy, productive, and effective.


ITSI Pro is our most comprehensive solution, built for students, lecturers, and educators. Students can use ITSI Pro to access e-books and educational resources through the miEbooks app, whilst educators and lecturers use the teaching tools provided by ITSI’s integrated learning and management platform, the Educator Console.


  • Free upload and sharing of created content
  • Real-time attendance and engagement monitoring
  • Assessment creation and distribution, with instant feedback
  • Individual and group user-analytics for educators and students
  • The ability to insert multimedia, text, PDFs, or URLs into e-books or folders
  • The synchronisation of institution and class activities through an integrated calendar
  • Tool to create flashcards for retrieval practice