Brain sciences and classroom practices

2nd Workshop on Mind, Brain, and Education in Africa


27 and 28 May 2019 (concluded)

Based on the latest research on learning and the brain, ITSI presented the second workshop based on what we know from the insights on cognitive neurosciences.

In 2018, ITSI hosted the first-ever workshop on Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) in Africa. The two-day workshop featured the internationally acclaimed facilitators and authors, Glenn Whitman, and Dr Ian Kelleher from the Centre for Transformative Teaching and Learning (CTTL) in Maryland, USA. Following on the success of the 2018 event, ITSI hosted the second workshop in  Africa in 2019.

About the workshop

Classroom organising and management

Lesson planning


Managing learner stress

Preparing learners for the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution

Improving learner outcomes

During the two-day workshop, educators deliberated on practical classroom implications to immediately improve learning outcomes.

Key outcomes

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The improvement of the state of knowledge – and dialogue between – education and the developmental and cognitive sciences

The development of educators’ ability to know, apply, conduct and lead their school in the most innovative thinking

An introduction to tools that can improve teacher quality and student achievement

The workshop is annually aimed at any educator in any classroom setup.

2019 Facilitators

Daisy Pellant: Director of the Peter Clark Center (PCC)

Dr. Daisy Pellant is the Director of the Peter Clark Center (PCC) for Mind, Brain, and Education at Breck School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The PCC works faculty to reach every student with the goal of creating confident lifelong learners.

Students are supported to understand learning and themselves as learners, families are engaged in supporting their children as learners, and faculty are inspired to develop expertise in pedagogy aligned with current neuroscience.

Daisy holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and master’s degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, and in Mind, Brain, and Education. The latter, she received from Harvard University where she taught alongside Dr. Kurt Fisher, founder of the international MBE Society.

She has been a presenter, featured speaker, and trainer around the world as she and her educator husband, RM, worked in independent and international schools in the Caucasus, Middle East, Asia, and the United States. They are the parents of four spirited children, aged 13-21, and two Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Dr Lieb Liebenberg: Academic and CEO: ITSI

Lieb became involved with teaching and research while initially studying Electonic Engineering and thereafter Social Sciences and Theology.

As part of this Doctoral quantitative dissertation at the Alexander von Humboldt Universitat in Berlin, Lieb did the majority of his work on second generation cognitive linguistics, which laid the foundation for much of the cognitive science which informs the current development of the ITSI Solution.

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Word from attendees

“The program was innovative and I enjoyed to affirm everything I knew. It was very motivating to see others do what we do in our classrooms and to add to my knowledge on these topics! I was so motivated to just exceed expectations after the workshop.”

“I was truly intrigued and empowered by the cutting edge knowledge presented to us in a fun and interactive manner.”

“The programme was stimulating and interactive. The presenters were inspiring and clearly knowledgeable in their field. Apart from being better equipped as a teacher, the seminar also re-invigorated me as a person and replenished much of my exhausted energy supply. It was immensely fulfilling to spend two days with like-minded educators in such a creative, safe environment.”